Application Process

All admissions are preceded by a compulsory competitive Entrance examination and interviews. Only successful candidates are placed.

Admission Procedure

Prospective Applicants are required to purchase an Application Form at the cost of GHC 50 from the school. The Application form can also be downloaded by clicking on the Admission Form link below this section and the amount paid on submission. Application forms are to be submitted before the deadline and should be accompanied by:

  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Transcripts of most recent school reports (JHS Applicants only)

All prospective students are assessed in Mathematics, English, and General Science. This usually takes place between April and May each year. All applicants are notified within 14 days after submission of application forms indicating admission or otherwise. Pupils are admitted to the creche all year round



School Fees Policy

Ok Academy is a private school and therefore paying school fees on schedule is very important. The complex is made up of the pre-school, the kindergarten, the primary and the Junior Secondary School..

The Pre-school

The Pre-School has the Crèche, the Nurseries, and the Kindergarten. The Pre-Schools fees, as part of our financial policy, are paid termly (every four months) and arrangements can be made to pay monthly. All fees must be paid in full before the end of the second week of the month. The Pre-Schools pay their fees in full between the 1st and 14th of every month after which a reminder is sent out to parents. When a parent fails to settle their fees in full beyond two months, the parents are then informed and the child is sent home until the fees are paid in full..

The Basic School

The Basic School fees unlike the Pre- School fees are paid termly (every four months). The fees must be paid in full within the first month after re-opening. Children are sent home after the first month of re-opening when fees are not paid in full. Depending on economic situations, fees may be increased before a new academic year begins. The increase will usually affect both tuition and miscellaneous items.

No Offense Recommended Section(s)
01 Lateness (7:45-8:30)
  • Warning/caning
  • Watering of plants
  • Groundwork-picking and sweeping of rubber.
02 Absenteeism/Truancy / Cutting classes/ Breaking bounds
  • Assigned to some responsibilities
  • Withdrawal of child
03 Littering
  • Cleaning of an area littered
  • Pick rubbish on compound/sweep classroom for the day
04 Stealing
  • Strong warning/canning
  • Replacement of the stolen item
  • Withdrawn in severe cases/and for habitual acts



  • 3RD  -    OCT, 2023                            RE- OPENING DAY
  • 3RD - 6th OCT, 2023                            PROMOTIONAL & ENTRANCE EXAMS FOR STUDENTS
  • 6th OCT, 2023                                   THANKS-GIVING SERVICE FOR OK   STAFF & STUDENTS
  • 91th - 13th OCT, 2023                        ORIENTATION OF NEW STUDENTS & STAFF
  • 13th OCT, 2023                                 STAFF MEETING
  • 16th OCT, 2023                                 INTENSIVE CLASSES BEGINS
  • 20TH  OCT, 2023                               STAFF MEETING AND TRAINING
  • 3RD NOV, 2023                                 SUBMISSION OF MIDTERM EXAMS QUESTIONS
  • 6th - 10TH NOV, 2023                        FIRST MONTHLY EXAMINATION AND REVISION WEEK
  • 10th NOV,2023                                 STAFF MEETING
  • 13th - 16th NOV, 2023                       MID-TERM EXAMINATION                     
  • 20th - 21ST NOV, 2023                      OK OLD SCHOOL DAY & ADADAM SPECIAL
  • 1ST DEC, 2023                                 STAFF MEETING
  • 6th - 7TH DEC, 2023                          FIRST MONTHLY EXAMINATION AND REVISION WEEK
  • 11th -18TH DEC, 2023                       END OF TERM EXAMINATION
  • 18TH DEC, 2023                              CAROL DAY
  • 21ST DEC, 2023                              VACATION DAY
  •  9th JAN, 2024                                RE-OPENING